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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 20, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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everybody. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's tuesday, july 20th. and this morning, it's still clogged. the government allows that cap to remain on the well for a fifth day, despite some leaks. is it time to kill the well for good? sarah palin dives into another controversy. this time, facing off with new york's mayor over plans for a mosque at ground zero. her choice of words, coming into question. we'll tell you why. lindsay lohan to jail. the actress starts her sentence today, after reports that her latest attorney has quit. we go inside the cell she'll call home for 90 days. and the new gold rush. is the country's top gold seller, endorsed by glenn beck and other conservatives, ripping off customers? a top executive of the company joins us live to respond to our abc news investigation.
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and good morning, everyone. we are more than three months now into the oil leak. and all eyes still on that well, 5,000 feet below the surface of the gulf of mexico. those tiny bubbles remain a concern. but for now, at least, government scientists, keeping that giant cap on, as bp has yet another plan this morning to kill the well once and for all. another plan. >> another plan. but it's a variation of the top kill, that was looked at early on in the crisis. it's called bull heading. this crisis is sure to be front and center when president obama meets with british prime minister david cameron. this is the first visit of the british prime minister to the united states. he arrived overnight. also in washington today, the senate should vote on that plan to extend unemployment benefits. looks like it's going to pass this time. it's crucial for 2.5 million
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people whose benefits ran off during the standoff in congress. and the president was blistering in the rose garden. he took off on republicans, saying they've been holding up the benefits. republicans come back and say, democrats don't have a plan to pay for it. we're going to talk to one of them this morning. the founding member of the tea party caucus in the house, michele bachmann of minnesota. she'll be here live in a few minutes. we're going to begin with day 92 of the crisis in the gulf. matt gutman, once again, in buras, louisiana, for us, with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and that new plan is called the static kill. bp says it's very promising. of course, it's still in the design phases. it would have to be approved by the government first, which is much more concerned right now with not making the spill worse than it already is. this morning, new hope to kill this well, as early as this month. not yet approved, the plan would allow engineers to force-feet the well a thick cocktail of mud
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and cement. all through the new stacking cap, this school bus-sized plug. because oil's not shooting out of the well, they could do it slowly and carefully. it's the latest in bp's long list of plans, 11 so far. following top kill, bottom kill and junk shot. >> if we can do the static kill, it should accelerate or at least complement and improve the relief well. >> reporter: the relief wells, the only proven way to end the leak, are closer to their target. but the first is three weeks away. and plan number ten? despite springing leaks, the cap was green lighted for a fifth day of tests, holding down that river of oil. these bubbles nearly ended that. >> we're looking for methane gas, which is sometimes a precursor of oil rising up through the formation. >> reporter: several leaks were found. a pair of them on the stacking cap itself. and another leak found two miles away, likely part of the natural seepage of oil into the gulf of mexico.
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>> we do not believe this is consequential at this time. nor does it appear that the hydrate formation is inhibiting any operation of the capping stack. this is something we'll continue to monitor. >> reporter: and british prime minister, robin, david cameron arrived overnight in washington. he's to meet president obama today. topping the agenda is still afghanistan. but the president is to pressure cameron on bp, to get it to plug the well, pay the workers for compensation, and clean up the gulf. robin? >> a lot to do, as always. matt, thanks so much. joining us again live, is dr. michio kaku, host of "sci-fi science" on the science channel. thanks for being back. >> thank you, robin. >> you remain optimistic at this point. why? >> the good news is we have options. plan "a" is to cap the well and leave the cap in place. plan "b" is to siphon the oil if the cap doesn't work. that's the good news, the options.
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the bad news, we're not sure which of the two will work. capping is great, but if the pressures drop, it means there's a leak some place. we're counting every bubble, coming from the sea floor, looking for a possible leak. the bad news is we're not sure whether plan "a" or "plan "b" is the best. >> if you get to make the call, which is the best of those two solutions? >> i think we should stick with plan "a" at the time. pressures are low. that could indicate a leak. bubbles are seen from the sea floor. but bubbles naturally come from the sea floor. i think we should keep the cap in place and just keep our fingers crossed that the pressure doesn't drop any further and we don't have sudden drops. a sudden drop means we have a heart attack. a sudden drop means a crack in the pipe. >> and everyone has said, you, too, about the relief wells, are weeks away. but they suspended work on them while that was going on. you feel that shouldn't have been the case?
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they should continue working on the wells? >> possibly. there's a traffic jam with all of the activity taking place. they suspended the drilling of the relief well. but that's the gold standard. that's what you do. you cap the top, choke the bottom. that's how you tame this monster. i think we should continue with the relief well. in three weeks or so, we should know whether or not we can choke this well forever. >> we'll have you back. dr. kaku, thanks for your insight. george? >> okay, robin. we turn to the jobs crisis. the senate has voted to extend unemployment benefits today. and after three failed attempts, it looks like senate democrats should get the legislation passed this time. but that's little comfort to the long-term unemployed who passed the maximum time to receive benefits. claire shipman is here. they're called the 99ers because all benefits run out after 99 we weeks. and they're ranks are growing. >> reporter: their ranks are growing. and their anger and frustration is growing. this bill will extend the 26
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weeks of benefits. if you've been out of work for 2 years or more, if you're a 99er, there's no hope in sight right now. president obama, in a rose garden offensive, surrounded by unemployed americans. >> they're not looking for a handout. they desperately want to work. just right now, they can't find a job. >> reporter: almost 15 million americans are out of work. but most striking, almost half of that number are the long-term unemployed. a level that hasn't been seen since the great depression. the hardest-luck cases, the so-called 99ers, who exhausted the maximum 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. today's legislation does not extend that limit. is there a solution for the 99ers? michigan senator, debbie stabenow, has become a tireless advocate for the unemployed. >> these are people who paid their taxes and followed the rules. they're in a situation not of their making. to say, well, we're tired of this. we think we'll not do it
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anymore. it is outrageous to me. >> reporter: and the 99ers offer a new demographic portrait of the unemployed. many are professional, middle-aged, and totally unprepared for this turn. we found a demoralized construction worker at loose ends at home for four years, while his wife works. a schooled a administrator who was rejected for a job at mcdonald's. and an accounts specialist, with her two children. >> we're dying out. we're losing everything we have. and i may lose my home because i have no money. >> the wife comes home. i'm sitting here. you feel like you're not worth anything. >> i'm about as low as i can get. >> reporter: now, their numbers are growing so quickly, some economists argue, george, without helping them, that will hurt economic recovery. but with republicans arguing so strongly, that even this bill is fiscally irresponsible, there's no political consensus right now on helping the 99ers.
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>> claire shipman, thanks very much. for more on this, we're going to turn to the founder of the new tea party caucus in the house, republican congressman michele bachmann of minnesota. thanks for joining us. president obama, you saw in the rose garden, very tough on your party. he took on those who, he said, have no problems on spending hundreds of millions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealthiest of americans. but that won't offer relief to the middle class. >> the best way to offer a relief to the middle class is to have a pro job growth economy. that's not his strategy. republicans aren't opposed to unemployment benefits. we're looking at $30 billion in unemployment. but it was democrats that made a big deal of the concept of pay go. they said they would not spend money unless they made cuts in other places. neither the president nor speaker pelosi has made an attempt to cut spending in order
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to pay for the benefits. this is a basic function of government. so, it's important that they find other cuts in other places. but instead, george, what we've seen, they've continued to expand the long line of benefits in other areas. we need to make first things first. >> let's take a look at that principle. the tax cuts passed by president bush, are set to expire at the end of the year. i know you want to extend them. do you support paying for those, as well? >> i think we need to be paying for all of the spending that's going out. but when people are able to keep more of their own money, that shouldn't be considered a cost. >> so, that's a no? >> i think what we need to do is have a pro job growth formula. what that is, cut the dramatic government spending that has happened. this didn't happen in a vacuum. president obama spent over $1 trillion on stimulus. we were all promised that about 4 million jobs would be created. instead, about 4 million jobs were lost. then, president obama decided to
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take over, through either direct ownership or control, one private industry after another. what we've learned is that the federal government takeover of private business leads to unemployment, not employment. >> let me be clear then -- >> your story's accurate. people want jobs. that's true. they don't want unemployment. but the government's policies have brought about failure in private job creation. >> to be clear, you're saying the tax cuts don't have to be paid for. but this unemployment extension does. let me turn to the new tea party caucus that was formed. you said it was designed to promote fiscal responsibility, adherence to the constitution and limited government. why do you think it's necessary? are leaders in the house not living up to that responsibility? >> well, what we've been hearing from people all over the country, george, is that congress is not listening to the american people. this is a forum for members of congress to be able to listen to what people have been trying to tell us. and it is very simple.
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it's a banner that is under the idea of don't spend more than what you're taking in. people want the federal government to live just the way they do. and they want us to adhere to principles of the constitution, because people believe they're taxed enough already. this isn't a political party, like the republican party or democrat party. it's a set of ideas that, after all, members of congress, swore that they would uphold under the constitution. >> you also run the risk of taking on the controversy that goes with the tea party, as well. we saw the billboard in northern iowa last week, comparing president obama to hitler and lenin. expelling the tea party for making comments. you had to distance yourself from members of the tea party that were using holocaust imagery. are you worried that being more inline with the tea party, you might undermine the chance of republicans taking the house back in november? >> i think what we're trying to do more than anything, again, is to give a forum to the ideas that people have tried to talk to us about. most of the people who came to
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washington, to rallies, and to town hall meetings across the country, are trying to get the attention of congress to say, would you please stop spending money that you don't have. the money is our money. that's what the people are saying. these are lawyers, doctors, small business owners, housewives, farmers. people from all walks of life, just saying, please, federal government, get your act together. and start acting in a way that will not leave us bankrupt and will create a pro-growth agenda here in america. >> we only have a few seconds. what did you think when you saw that billboard, comparing the president to hitler and lenin? >> some things aren't helpful. and to focus on the ideas of a pro-growth economy, living within our means, that's positive. that's what we hope to do in this caucus. >> congressman bachman, thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks, george. and juju chang has the rest of the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a new commitment
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from afghanistan's president. hamid karzai told leaders in kabul this morning, his government should be capable of taking over security in the country by 2014. but violence continues. rocket fire diverted a plane carrying the u.n. secretary-general. toyota may be facing another safety investigation. this time involving possible steering problems. the company has been subpoenaed by a congressional grand jury. it's being called a game-changer in the fight against hiv/aids. researchers say a vaginal nell spiked with an antiviral medication, can reduce a woman's chance of infection by more than 50%. but it could be used before the jell is widely available. finally, wanted. the bouquet bandit. police in new york are looking for this man, who walked into a bank with flowers and walked out with cash. the bouquet demanded all of the bank's 100s and 50s.
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he was nice enough to leave the flowers behind. police believe the same suspect tried the same thing a week earlier, with a potted plant. >> nice robber. that's a tough sell. >> exactly. >> juju, thanks. time for the weather. let's say good morning to sam champion. >> good morning, robin, george, juju. let's start with the heat. we've had weeks of it. it continues in the deep south. let's take memphis, for example. 15 of the last 19 days have been above normal. for them, that's about 92 degrees. think about 15 days above 92 degrees. that's the heat going on in the part of the country today. more than half of the country. goes all the way up to kansas city today. the line where we would draw the 90-degree temperatures right about there and everything south of it. even north of it, the temperatures are close to 80 degrees if not above it. here's where the strong storms will be. rapid city, kansas city, peoria, louisville, cincinnati. all wrapped up in that heat.
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and coming up in the next half hour, another 90-degree day for new york. and gorgeous weather for the northwest coast, robin. >> looking forward to that. thank you, sam. now, to the brewing battle between sarah palin and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. mayor bloomberg supports building a muslim center just steps from ground zero. sarah palin says it would stop hearts. dan harris from the site of the proposed mosque. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is the building where they want to build the muslim center. it would be open to everybody. it would include things like a gym and what they're calling a prayer center, which they insist is not a mosque. the organizers say sarah palin is mischaracterizing this project. and they're not the only ones reacting. >> this house of evil, will be the birthplace of the next terrorist event.
7:18 am
>> reporter: new york city was already aflame with this debate. >> why should there be a muslim place here? no. i don't support it. >> reporter: and then, came sarah palin. on twitter she said, peace-seeking muslims, please understand. ground zero mosque is unnecessary provocation. it stabs hearts. >> sarah palin has a right to her opinions. but i could not disagree more. >> reporter: mayor mike bloomberg, a supporter of the center, hit back. >> everything that the u.s. stands for and new york stands for, is tolerance and openness. >> reporter: so did daisy khan, a spokesperson for the center. >> it raises the question of what is at the heart of all of this furor. it's ignorance. >> reporter: it sounds like you're saying she's ignorant. >> i think she needs to educate herself who the muslim community is. >> reporter: this episode is
7:19 am
another example of the power that sarah palin has to generate buzz on just about any topic. a power that can be a double-edged sword. for example, her first tweet on this topic, which she later deleted said, peaceful muslim, please refudiate. critics pounced, saying refudiate is not a word. the satirical website is producing t-shirts. >> we want to refudiate miss palin by telling her, she is misinformed. >> reporter: palin is responding via twitter to refudiate-gate. she said, english is a living language. shakespeare likes to coin new words, too. now, critics are piling on, accusing sarah palin of
7:20 am
comparing herself to shakespeare. george and robin? >> thank you, dan, very much. coming up, one of the biggest sellers of gold that is endorsed by some popular conservatives, including glenn beck. but are they ripping off consumers. a top executive from the company joins us live. and a report from brian ross. and lindsay lohan goes to 5:00 a.m. wake-up sells. and lindsay lohan goes to 5:00 a.m. wake-up sells. her five by eight cells. and plus, why her latest attorney, robert shapiro, is calling it quits. pick. mom: look at all these fabulous geeks! there are so many! look at this one! it helps you video chat with mom! son: bingo! mom: look at this one. you can video chat with me, honey. son: mom, go get the car. mom: he's in such a hurry to learn. vo: buy any laptop and get geek squad support for six months. online. on the phone, or in-store.
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enlist that would raise the tax on medical cannabis. >> the board of supervisors will back a moratorium on pg&e's smart meters. some customers have seen their bills jump dramatically. they are currently studying the issue. now environmentalists are raising concerns about eastbound electromagnetic radiation. they plan a noon molest over that issue. >> let's get an update on the this morning's commute. >> first of all, start off, no delays right now. live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you shall commuting in the east bay, heads up, a.c. transit bus riders there could be personally big delays again today. yesterday hundreds of drivers called in sick. same may happen today. bart a great alternate. reporting no delays. >> thank you very much. when we come back, meteorologist lisa argen has a look at the bay area forecast.8ñ x x x x x x x ñ stress gone. mind sharp.
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good morning, police department of low clouds out there. san francisco just 53 degrees and we're looking a little sun in concord. windy today, redwood city, 12 degrees below the average. 75 in san jose and only 83 in livermore. look ahead, still cool tomorrow.
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this is a look at lindsay lohan's new home possibly for the next 90 days. we're going to take you inside the california jail where, starting today, she faces life in a 12-by-8 cell. plus, why her latest attorney, the well-known, highly-respected, robert shapiro, reportedly calling it quits, refusing to represent the star. we'll talk about that in just moments as we say good tuesday morning to you. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. she'll have to give up her cell phone and blackberry. only a pay phone in there. also this morning, one of the country's top sellers of gold coins. you see the ads all over cable television for goldline. but many goldline's customers say they were pushed to buy overpriced gold. in a moment we'll have a top
7:31 am
executive of the company to respond to brian ross' investigation. first, the latest drama for actress lindsay lohan. later this morning, she is set to begin what could be the most difficult role of her young life. a stint behind bars for violation of dui probation. this, as her new attorney reportedly calls it quits. mike von fremd is outside the jail where lindsay will be serving time in lynwood, california. >> reporter: on the day she must reported to jail the talented star has stirred up a legal controversy. her dream team attorney, robert shapiro, now, reportedly says, he will no longer represent the troubled actress. lohan reportedly agreed to give shapiro complete cooperation during her recovery. and was seen staying here, at pickford l forksofts, shapiro's
7:32 am
rehabilitation facility, as she agreed to go to jail. the actress and attorney had a major disagreement. >> typically, in this type of situation, the client is not following the advice of the attorney. so, the attorney goes, meets with the judge and says, i want off. >> reporter: the possible loss of this attorney does not change the fact that lohan is supposed to enter the los angeles county woman's jail today. it houses approximately 2,000 inmates. those who have been through the system say, the first day is the worst. >> it's something you'll never forget. when you get strip-searched, it takes away a lot of dignity. it's uncomfortable. you're not in the room by yourself. you're with other prisoners. >> reporter: lohan will wear an orange jump suit, sleep on a vinyl mattress in a 12-foot-by eight-foot cell and for her own protection, will bei isolated from other inmates. dana cole has visited many in this facility. >> it's not going to be the worst situation imaginable.
7:33 am
it's going to be boring, basically. >> she's coming after us. >> reporter: lohan is scheduled to be released from jail, in time for the premiere of the movie "machete" in which she plays a pistol-packing nun. and there's a poster for a future movie, where she plays adult film star linda lovelace. for the record, shapiro says the only comments he will make will be held in open court. all this drama may be making hollywood producers think long and hard before casting lindsay lohan again. robin? >> i think that's the least of her problems right now. thank you, mike. for more, we turn now to former prosecutor, robin sax. robin, thank you for getting up and joining us this morning. if it is true that bob shapiro is no longer representing lindsay lohan, what do you make of that? >> well, it's not surprising that robert shapiro's had trouble holding lindsay under control. that's been a big problem for my sources in her prior counsel, getting her to succumb to the process, realizing she has a
7:34 am
problem, and listening to the orders. he probably said, if you're not going to do it my way, you can do it your way. but you can twist in the wind alone. >> he made it clear when he took her on as a client she had to follow restrictions. he's been through this, with his son. he knows firsthand, how difficult it is for a young person to go through this. will this delay anything, with lindsay lohan set to go to jail? >> lindsay would love this to be a delay here today but i doubt judge revel is going to allow this to delay the chapman. there's no doubt that shawn chapman should have needed to come to court today. with or without a substitution of attorney form which we're hearing in the news as being some sort of big deal, which it's really not, is that the court would actually have to
7:35 am
relieve shawn chapman holley has counsel. she could have denied that motion. i think she's going into custody today. >> what was the purpose of today's court hearing? usually you head right to jail. what was the purpose of having to go to court today first? >> judge marsha revel kindly gave lindsay lohan a couple of weeks to get her affairs in order. normally she would have been reprimanded at the last hearing date. in order to get her affairs in order, they scheduled a new court date. they have to put it on the calendar and go through the whole thing again. she wril be remanded into lockup at the courthouse and taken to lynwood. >> robin sax, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so many of you have been weighing in on our message boards. continue to do so on our shoutout board, at it's 7:35. time for the weather and sam. >> good morning, robin. we're going to start with pictures of flooding. all this was in wisconsin, west
7:36 am
of green bay yesterday. in about 30 minutes, call it two inches of rain. and pumps couldn't keep up with it. look how the water is standing in a lot of locations. it quickly went down. this is flash flooding. it's more of it in these storms today. line up the storms, from rapid city, to kansas city, peoria, to cincinnati. and it's south of chicago where the biggest action could go. but could easily deliver two to four inches of rain in a quick hit. it's one of the things you have to watch for. as the hot air grabs itself and spins toward the east, it doesn't make it into northern new england. but raleigh, places like raleigh, and d.c. and involved in the next wave of near-100-degree temperatures. oklahomaca
7:37 am
catchy "good morning america" tune. all that weather was brought to you by samsung. >> what was that? >> catchy. >> no more coffee for you. we're cutting you off. >> done. >> here at 7:37. coming up next, the gold company touted by so many on cable tv. but is it really ripping off consumers? we have an investigation and a response by the company head when we come back.
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7:41 am
companies, including one organization, called goldline, that sells hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold to american consumers every year. using two former presidential candidates and several top personalities at fox news in its sales pitches. >> thank you for calling goldline. >> reporter: when customers call goldline, located in this building in santa monica, california, they are assured they're in good hands. >> mr. beck is a client here. >> reporter: fox news talk show host, glenn beck, makes no secret of his endorsement of gloeldline. >> the people i trust are the people at goldline. >> reporter: in fact, the goldline website, features a who's who of conservative commentators who endorse the company, including former presidential candidate, fred thompson. >> goldline. >> reporter: and former presidential candidate, mike huckabee. >> the people at goldline will explain just how easy it is for you buy gold. >> reporter: but for all the endorsements and fancy sales
7:42 am
brochures, they're investigating the company. many say the salesmen steered them to buy overpriced gold coins. >> false and misleading statements. and also, people not getting what they expected to get. >> reporter: joe martin of suburban detroit, said he lost almost half of the $5,000 he invested with goal goldlines because he said, the salesman pressured him to buy gold canes, not the gold bullion that he saw on television. when he went to sell his gold coins, he was only about able to get $2,900 at a coin 1407. >> i only get paid once a month. it hurt my pocket real bad. >> reporter: congressional
7:43 am
investigators say goldline uses glenn beck to steer customers to coins, citing beck's warnings that only gold coins are safe from government confiscation. >> in 1933, fdr said we're going to take all your gold. >> reporter: a theme picked up by goldline people, taped by a watchdog group. >> it's not true that the government has any power to confiscate your gold. and often, the same commentators that are stoking that fear are also selling these coins. >> reporter: glenn beck told us, he believes in goldline. and points to its a-plus rating from the better business bureau. fox news says it has never received a single complaint about goldline. and goldline remains a prominent advertiser on the network, despite the ongoing investigations in los angeles and by congress, which now plans hearings in the coming weeks. george? >> brian, thanks. we're joined by the
7:44 am
executive vice president of goldline, scott carter. thanks for flying in for this. >> thanks for having me. >> let's begin with the two allegations at the heart of the investigation. that your salespeople made false and misleading statements during the pitch. a and that that steer people to buy the gold coins instead of bullion. brian ross talked to someone who said that's how they're trained. >> that's not accurate. we sell tens of millions of dollars of not only gold bouillon, of coins of collector value. and the ultimate decision is to the consumer that is calling us. there's features and benefits of coins with collector value that's of interest to them. one, they're made by governments, not private mints, which is important. they're easily recognizable, whether they're british sovereign or a swiss 20 franc. that's important, as well. they come in fractionalizes. when individuals want to buy in smaller quantities or they want
7:45 am
to liquidate, sometimes they prefer to buy in smaller sizes. >> they are a markup for goldline, no question about that. for example, if i buy $1,000 in those collector coins from you today. a month later, i say, i just want to sell them. i'm not going to get anything close to $1,000 back. i will only get $600 or $700 back, right? >> we would encourage you not to do that. >> because we would only get $600 back. >> that's a great point. when you're buying a physical asset, like if you're buying a piece of real estate. there's up-front expenses. in our business, you're buying a physical asset. we have to ship the product. you're talking to someone on the telephone. what we instruct individuals in our risk disclosure, which is very important, is that, one, this needs to be a liquid investment. and it should be a diversification strategy. no more than 5% to 20% of your
7:46 am
portfolio. you should hold this for three to five years. if you're a speculator -- >> your salespeople are not investment advisers. and one of the reasons for that is so they can avoid regulation by state regulatory authorities and the s.e.c. they don't have the legal and fiduciary responsibility to look out for the customer. >> you're absolutely right. we are not legal advisers. but they do understand precious metals. and individuals are calls to diversify their portfolio. gold is one component of a portfolio that's important. we've been in business for 50 years. we've been doing this for a long time. we take great pride in how we treat our customers. we take great pride in the a-plus rating we have. we extend in our sales process and service process. maybe it's helpful if i talk about our sales process.
7:47 am
three, quick points. we're not an outbound call center. we only take initial calls in-bound. so, a customer has to respond to one of our ads before we even talk to them. there's no cold calling out. so, they're responding to an ad we put on tv that highlights the coins that are most popular. >> right. but one of the things that comes out in the ads, you just saw the glenn beck endorsement, talking about fdr confiscating gold. your sales packets include a facsimile of that order. you heard the congressman say, the government can't come in and confiscate your gold. you don't believe that the government can confiscate people's gold, do you? >> it's hard to determine what the government will do. in 1933, under executive order, shortly after fdr came to office, that's exactly what was done. >> he paid market price at the time. >> he paid $20 an ounce when someone turned in their gold.
7:48 am
it's often not reported that months after that, the price of gold was moved up to $35 an ounce. that was a nice hair cut, devaluation of the currency -- >> you think that's a live possibility right now? >> i think that, i don't know whether it's a possibility. but the fact that it's been done before. and individuals right now are concerned about currencies, declining dollar value. many articles in the paper -- are paralleling 1933 to today. >> okay. scott carter, thanks very much for your time today. ♪
7:49 am
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so you can be good to the last drop.
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our friend, gayle king, loves a bargain. she and the creative director of "o" magazine, join us live to give the secrets of finding the best deals. ies put me in a fog.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
a.c. transit is warning bus riders there could be more service disruptions if they call a sickout. passengers were left stranded yesterday when 18% of the drivers took a sick day. they will go to court to ask a judge to throw out a new contract that that is been imposed by management. district managers said they had to impose new rules in order to avoid bankruptcy. forecast now, lease zblees the fog behind you, cooling trend continues today with low clouds
7:57 am
in livermore. 56 for you. sunny in antioch, breezy in concord. upper-level low allowing for that air to push independent land. 72 in fremont and cool day tomorrow. >> hi, lisa. a new accident in san jose, blocking a couple lanes, northbound 101, brake lights begin at alum rock and we saw very slow drive times, especially the ride on westbound 4, 26 minutes from lone tree way to 242. >> news continues now with "good morning america.""@k!b @g g g gc
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ come on, let's sweat baby ♪ ♪ let the rhythm take control let the rhythm move you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] wow. >> very happy. what are they singing? "going to make you sweat"? are you sweating yet? >> a little hot. >> little hot out here. you're dressed right. >> i love the fever. just saw indiana fever. >> all right. >> tamika catchings. going to make you sweat. what are we talking about here, george? i'm here. i'm right here. >> we're talking about -- >> i'm right here. right here. >> the heat is up. that's not the only thing that's going to make you sweat today. we're looking at a study that's going to make a lot of couples sweat, as well.
8:01 am
it turns out, that some researchers say that if your close friends or family members split up, your chances of getting divorced increase by 147%. they come to a controversial conclusion. they say that divorce could be contagious. we're going to look at the study this morning. >> is that the word they use? contagious? >> that's the tag line. >> all right. that's very interesting. also coming up this half hour, gayle king, will be here along with adam glassman of "o" magazine. they're here to reveal their secrets for finding the best deals. they went to a huge outlet mall here in the new york area. more than 200 stores. the secret sections to go to. and how to find the best bargains, even at an outlet mall. so, gayle and adam to the rescue for us. >> i know that ali will be watching closely this morning. also, becky worley has tips for the summer vacation on car rentals. how to save the most on car rentals. we'll get to that in a little bit, as well. first, let's go to juju chang with the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
well, help is on the way for millions of out-of-work americans. after three, failed attempts, the senate is expected to vote today to extend unemployment benefits. late senator robert byrd's replacement is being sworn in today, giving democrats the final, needed vote. house approval is expected tomorrow. engineers are keeping an extra close eye on bp's ruptured oil well this morning. the containment cap is leaking some oil and gas. but so far, it's holding. meantime, bp is awaiting approval for its latest plan to permanently plug that leak, the so-called static kill. the idea, to slowly pump a mixture of mud and cement into the well through the giant stacking cap. president obama welcomes british prime minister david cameron to the white house today. after first refusing to do so, cameron has agreed to meet with a group of u.s. senators, looking into accusations that bp influenced the british government into releasing the pan am 103 bomber to gain access to libyan oil. in afghanistan this morning,
8:03 am
president hamid karzai confidently told foreign leaders his government will be able to take over security operations from coalition troops in 2014. secretary of state hillary clinton admitted mistakes by the international community have made some of afghanistan's challenges even more difficult to overcome. now, a look at what's coming up tonight on "world news," here's diane sawyer. hey, diane. >> a good tuesday morning to you, juju. tonight, on "world news," the first of two conversations this week. the first, britain's prime minister, whose energy has stunned the world. you'll have a chance to meet him. also, this week, mark zuckerberg, the founder of facebook. big interview ahead. >> we look forward to that. finally, think you can turn a cell phone into a porsche? it's not a magic trick. a california teenager did it. thanks to craigslist and some patience. he started trading two years ago. he eventually traded an iphone. then, a dirt bike. then, another bike.
8:04 am
then, eventually, a truck. and the suv, up to the porsche you're staring at right there. he just got his license. so, he'll really be able to enjoy his new porsche. that's the news at 8:04. time, now, for the weather and sam. sam, i'll trade you my cell phone for your car. >> juju, this is the one time where you get the short end of that. i don't have a car right now because i'm solely in the city. so, i'll take your cell phone. >> okay. >> but -- >> i'll take your bike. >> i'll give you a ride in a taxi cab. or my bike, yeah. good morning, everybody. say good morning to juju. even though you're not on tv, you have to participate, okay? let's try it again. good morning, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] see? see? even you, victoria, texas, i needed to get a little -- [ cheers ] ladies, where are we from? >> ohio. >> ohio, okay. this is your last day here. you're from massachusetts. >> yep. >> you're on your way home. we're glad you stopped to see us this morning. let's get to the boards.
8:05 am
one or two things we want to talk about. we'll start with where the storms are. right through ohio. through kansas city, through st. louis, through indianapolis, through louisville. there will be heavy rains with it. on the west coast, good weather along the coast. once you're inland, you hit that big heat. there's no doubt about it. all along the coastline, it's a little bit better. here's a look at the b b b b
8:06 am
you're making up for it, aren't you? we'll have more weather from times square in the next half hour. robin? george? >> sam, thanks. we're going to get to the controversial, new marriage study now. it found that if your friends get divorced, your chances of also divorcing also go up 147%. i guess they say that misery loves company for a reason. could this study mean that divorce is contagious? juju has more on this story. >> reporter: for more than three decades, dan trimble thought he had a picture-perfect marriage. >> the 32 years that we were married, for the most part, were very good years. >> reporter: two, beautiful daughters. a life of adventure. >> we were traveling all over the world. >> reporter: but dan says, all that changed, about two years ago, when his daughter, alycia, and his grandchildren moved back home. alycia soon divorced her husband. and began dating a high school friend. >> she had gotten out of a bad situation. now, her life was starting to improve.
8:07 am
>> reporter: dan and his daughter believe that alycia's divorce and new life, in a way, inspired dan's wife. a month after alycia got remarried, her mom asked dan for a divorce. >> seeing how i came through it in a better place, kind of pushed them to stand up and say, i'm not happy in my own marriage. >> the best way i can describe it is it's just a disease. my marriage was in kind of a rough shape at that point in time. she saw what was happening with our oldest daughter. and i think it kind of was a catalyst. >> reporter: can divorce spread like a virus? a disease through a family or a group of friends? professor james fowler says yes. >> it spreads in the same way. when one person experiences divorce, it gives the people around them information about what that's like. >> reporter: for more than ten years, fowler and his colleagues have studied the social connections among thousands of people. demonstrating that problems like
8:08 am
smoking, drinking, even weight gain, can all be spread through a group. >> your friends influence you. also, your siblings influence you. even your co-workers influence you. when they get divorced, increases the likelihood that you'll get divorced. >> reporter: in fact, they say being friends with someone who gets divorced can make you 147% more likely yourself. and remember dan trimble? it turns out, his youngest daughter, courtney, now says, she, too, is getting divorced. >> that same contagious thing that transferred from alycia and her situation, to my former spouse and me, transferred right on down the line to courtney and her spouse. >> my sister's my best friend. so, to know that she made it through, definitely helped me realize that it wasn't something i couldn't handle. and for more on this, we're joined by our family therapist,
8:09 am
terry real, who is not a huge fan of this study. terry, i see you chuckling there. tell us what you think is wrong with it. >> well, you know, there may be some influence here. but if you're getting a divorce, there's already a stigma, george. you need friends. your friends need to be close to you. telling somebody that a divorcee is contagious and their divorce is going to cause your divorce, i think is really not very helpful to anybody. >> well, i take your point. but let me push back a little bit. part of the whole reason for a marriage ceremony in public is that the whole idea that everybody is there to reinforce the bonds of marriage. and to help you keep and stay married. and i think if the norm of divorcing, if it just seems like that's what everybody's doing, it does seem to have an influence, doesn't it? >> they're not saying you get divorced if everybody's doing it. they say you get divorced if you know one person who does it. and they say the odds go up
8:10 am
147%. it's like teen suicide, which is very worrisome. once you know somebody who actually walks through the door of divorce, it does bring it from the theoretical, back home to roost. so, yes, i do think there may be some influence, as was said. people feel like, well, if harry doesn't put up with blah, blah, blah, maybe i shouldn't put up with it, too. that's a long way from saying there's some influence. and saying you have close to 150% increased rate. >> it's putting that kind of a number on it that you strongly disagree with. >> it's pretty incredible. >> right. if do people see marriages in their families or friends falling apart, what tips do you have for how they can keep their marriage stable and strong? >> if you are rocked by somebody in your circle getting a divorce, the first thing i want you to do is, don't keep it to yourself. talk about it. put your fears and your feelings on the table. don't be afraid to ask your spouse for reassurance. this has rocked me. i'd like some reassurance. the second thing is, deal with
8:11 am
your issues. use this as an opportunity. take whatever you've swept under the rug. bring it on the table and deal with it. if you're in a bad place. if you've tried to deal with issues and don't get anywhere with it, don't be afraid to get professional help and use that help. >> terry, thanks very much. there's more advice on our website, also, all this week, we're starting a new series with our contributors and correspondents, aimed at saving you and your family serious money this summer. they're quick tips. and our becky worley has some smart ones that will save you money. becky? >> you need a deal on a rental car this summer? i have quick tips to help you save big. look for car membership codes. two, try renting from off-airport locations. especially on the weekends. three, prepay when you book the rental. you get a discount from paying up front. and what about insurance coverage? go to i'll tell you once and for all if your credit card will give you the coverage you need. drive safe and have fun.
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dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. ask your doctor about cymbalta. to learn about a free trial offer. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. we're exhausted. talking during the commercial break. ow, for the latest edition of
8:16 am
"america's consumer." millions of millions of consumers shop at outlet malls. outl themne of them is gayle king. large.gazine editor at large. says there's a right way and wrong way to take them on. gayle and her trusty guide, "o" magazine creative director, adam glassman. >> you were breaking hearts everywhere. what was she saying before we saying? i don't get outlet malls. >> i don't get bargains out there. >> you can get great bargains glere. >> you need adam glassman. >> a huge one right outside of the city. >> very common, yes. >> 220 stores. that's where you went. >> 150 acres of stores. 50 acress of stores. cres ofgest outlet center in this country. >> and good-looking stores, too, the big -looking thinked to think you walk in -- hese stores are well-appointed. youy look good. so, you don't feel like -- okay. ure you getting quality things? you walk into any of the stores hed you feel like you're getting something special. and you feel >> back in the day, you thought, wentu went to an outlet
8:17 am
outlet oh, it must be -- >> ripped, no more. >> no designers are making stuff for outlet stores. outl so, they're reissuing popular for styles for the masses, at lower price rates, sometimes. rate at really good prices. and you get everything. max.'m vanna white today. >> this max. the size was mismarked. sometimes things are mismarked in the outlet stores. ve to try it on. >> i almost didn't try it on. >> adam said, you have to try it on. >> i adam, it's a 14. it t's not. >> i am not trying it on. he goes, try it on it. looks like it would fit you. >> and she got it for 70% off. >> didn't you give instructions e us, too, that even before we head to the outlet mall, we should do some things? doyes. o your hair. put on the makeup. ir.and i don't. >> you do. >> and >> do you want to do that when you go shopping?
8:18 am
n no, you don't. >> you don't want to look shlumpy. if you look shlumpy, you feel shlumpy. you will not feel pretty. and remember, you're going in and out of dressing rooms, with bad prettyg and not pretty mirrors. as goodought that was good dvice. ntili never followed it until i was with him. it makes sense. next kes sense. next time, adam takes me, i'll put on makeup or something. ormally, i don't. i want to be comfortable. in andto go in and out quickly. that's normally sweats and a quickly. >> you were dressed, that was easy. >> that was easy. >> >> let's hit the store now. you say, when we hit the store, we should hit the stores, hit the outer perimeter. >> this is my tip. human nature is to walk through the middle. the higher-priced stuff is in ced stuff is in stuff, the biggest markdowns are on the outer edge. his coat, we got it 60% off. it's a winter coat for $200 now. it normally, it was $600. didid you know that tip, robin?
8:19 am
>> normally, you go right inside. >> just like that. >> >> don't. go do the outer edge. >> outerk your way. > work your way around. your wu can pick and choose in the middle. then, i believe you should start should at accessories. jimmy choo. we got these at woodbury common. woodbu $500 the original price common >> you shouldn't pay retail. that's right. >> 60% off the regular price. eg how are they able to knock much?o much? >> sometimes there's a lot of tock left over. in some cases, they make stuff specifically for the outlets. >> and if it's out of season, s.'s cheaper, too. outn't care if it's out of season. >> you're getting the best buys. they're out malls, they're out res.eason. think about with other stores. >> the outlet is discounted. then, get a discount on top of >> and the discount in off-season times. >> you can >> and some staples. >> you can never go wrong. you should always buy the
8:20 am
lassics. everyone needs a trench coat. 75% off. this trench coat is now $84. this will last you an entire ill last. > got a whistle back there. ot a whiant to buy classics. ame thing with the dkny thik handbag. you'll have this for a long time. we got this week. $45. almost 50% off the original price. lasses.lasses. >> designer sunglasses. >> black pumps. lackveryone needs that. that was 60% off. the sunglasses, over 50% off. the designer sunglasses from saks. it's great. >> robin, i'm buying this. >> you are? >> yes. >> i used to t you, i so funny. i used to think, i knew how to very myself. but i'm telling you, i take adam's tips very seriously now, orizing. of getting pressed and accessorizing, and what goes with what. shopper. and to shop smarter. i think i'm a pretty good hopper. >> you are. >> i don't buy anything that's not on sale. but now, people come up to me
8:21 am
and say, can adam go shopping with me? g yes. withn adam go shopping with me? >> what would you say, bottom line is, you two, about outlet line is, malls and shopping? >> do you think you need a plan dhen you go? d i think you want a little ant a you have to understand, that you can't go there with this notion to get the green shirt that you ou saw a week else a week ago. ed aneed a broad idea. idu need new pants. pants.for the office. things for theat. >> adam and gayle, you're a gayle,c duo. >> a cute couple, huh? >> a cutele. couple, deals. more of gayle's and adam's tips on our website. come on back. deals. more of gayle's and adam's tips on our website. come on back. i took symbicort, minutes ago, and symbicort is already helping significantly improve my lung function. so, today, i've noticed a significant difference in my breathing. and i'm doing more of what i want to do. so we're clear -- it doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. my doctor said symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections,
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8:25 am
that's the beauty of nature and science. today the oakland city council will begin considering a measure to regulate large scale marijuana growing operations in the city. supporters say licensing would help get rid of illegal indoor growing. smaller growers say it will put them out of business. lawmakers are working on ballot enlist that would raise the tax on medical cannibis. a new poll shows a small number of voters support gay marriage. 51% of the voters back the idea. it's identical to a 2008 survey. when voters went to the polls six months later, they banned same-sex marriage. a federal judge in san francisco is expected to rule this month to rule whether the ban is unconstitutional. let's check on the commute.
8:26 am
>> big hot spot in san jose, northbound 101, you see the cars backed up. it's really heavy approaching an injury accident at brokaw that has been blocking a lane. in fact we'll go to map and show you how badly it's backed up. it's jammed from 280 and it will take you half an hour. >> we'll check in with fore dry, rough, cracked? gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet.
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good morning. cool down started yesterday around the bay and today with steady breezes and further push it's going to cool off inland. 54 in livermore. fog burns back across the bay through the 11:00 hour. it's going to be a cool one, 71 in palo alto with 84 in concord.
8:30 am
still continued cooling tomorrow and a little bit ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] he is called the hottest thing on string. that is david garrett. so wonderful to have you with us. and we've never quite heard the violin sound like you make it.
8:31 am
platinum-selling. he's performing live for us this morning. we say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning, with george. i'm robin. >> you have a classical orchestra on one side. rock band on the other. >> nothing wrong with that. chris connelly will be here with the heart warming story of a little boy whose dream came true. he had tough times, facing real adversity. but he loved football. loved the oakland raiders. and they made his dream come true. chris connelly has that story in a bit. and daphne oz, the daughter of dr. mehmet oz, a best-selling author in her own right. she's here with tips for college students, trying to avoid the dreaded freshman 15. she not only avoided the extra weight. she lost 30 pounds. when we say the freshman 15, everyone's like -- two words for you. popeyes. >> i was thinking ice cream. pints of ice cream. the whole family will be nudging
8:32 am
each other off the best-seller list. big concert coming up. sheryl crow will be here for our summer concert series. come down to the park on friday morning, live. sam champion is close to us. very close to us. >> i can almost -- >> we have a restraining order against you. stay ten feet away. >> ten feet away. and sheryl crow is so much fun. we got a chance to travel with her on her bus a couple tiyears ago. >> that's right. >> how are you doing? one or two things we want you to know about. we'll start with action here from whas, if you're not watching them in louisville, unplug your tv set. they're the best place to get news and weather. the rain drops indicate we've had one area of strong storms move through there. there could be more today. it's a large area of severe storms in the middle of the country. there's a stationary front. on that front, two to four inches of rains. could be flooding.
8:33 am
intense light thing. even hail involved in that. big heat. san antonio all the way to orlando. boston, you're just out of it. new york right at 90 degrees. feels a little better today, i think, than yesterday. and not as stormy. don't you think it feels just all that weather was brought to you by aveeno, ageless vitality. we're going to go upstairs to george. you throw to him. just say, george. >> george. >> sam, move over. the make-a-wish foundation is celebrating its 30th year of making dreams of children come true. and our friends at espn, are
8:34 am
part of that magic. it's a moving series called "my wish." our friend, chris connelly has been part of it from the very beginning. he's here this morning with the great story. >> it is a great story. jalen cooper has faced a lot of adversity in his ten years. and he's done it with an enf infectious laugh and a love for football. and he wanted to meet his heroes, the oakland raiders. jalen cooper knows football. he learned the game from his grandfather. >> my step dad's favorite team is the raiders. he always talked about the raiders. >> reporter: on a sunday afternoon in the fall of 2006, a 6-year-old jailen, and his grandad, watched football together and played outside. for the last time. >> i came to pick the kids up. about an hour later, he was dead. he had a heart attack.
8:35 am
>> reporter: how did that make you feel? >> sad. he was, like, my best friend. >> they would always give each other a pound before they'd leave each other. and they would say, raiders forever. that's the last thing he said to him. >> reporter: but jailen's biggest challenge began when doctors found a tumor on his pituitary gland and had to operate. >> they would ask me, are they going to cut my head? yeah, jailen, they are. >> at first, i was kind of scared. but then, i thought that i knew that god was going to be with me. so, i shouldn't be scared. >> reporter: now, 10, jailen had one wish throughout his battle to survive. and that's to workout with his favorite football team, the oakland raiders. would you like to tackle an oakland raider? >> yeah. it would be fun to tackle a pro football player.
8:36 am
>> reporter: when he gets a box from the raiders, he's quick to notice an autographed photo from head coach, tom cable. then, the phone rings. >> jailen, this is coach cable from the oakland raiders. how are you? >> good. >> are are you going to help me coach the team for a day? or are you going to play a little bit? >> maybe a little of both. >> reporter: one week later, jailen and his family are at raid iers headquarters, with hi favorite player, daryl mcfadden. jailen discovers he has a locker of his own. >> have you helmet right here. everybody signed it. >> reporter: with that, they hit the practice field. >> there you go. there you go. >> oh, yeah. >> i can't wait to see you tackle him later on. knock him right on his butt,
8:37 am
too, huh. yes, siree. >> keep it on the right. keep that ball nice and tight. go. good feet. good feet. oh, yeah. there you go. >> reporter: it's time for the moment of truth. the raiders gather around and cheer as jailen tries to tackle darren mcfadden. [ chanting ] >> jailen. jailen. jailen. [ cheers ] >> that's a pretty good tackle. yeah. >> he knocked me out of my shoe. >> he did? or you knocked him out of his shoe? >> i knocked myself out of my shoe. >> that's good stuff. >> reporter: and coach cable even has the perfect finish for jailen's wish. his own press conference. >> hi, everybody. does anybody have any questions? >> did you hurt mcfadden? >> i don't think i did. he might be a little bruised.
8:38 am
but i don't think i hurt him that bad. >> reporter: well, you got to love it when tough guys show their tender side. jailen is not self-conscious about his scar. when someone at school asked him about it, he couldn't wait to tell his mom he got sympathy from a girl. >> i want to see that tackle again. >> reporter: i know. he really put him down there. >> he's doing great, right? >> reporter: his prognosis is excellent. my wish is not for kids who are terminally ill. but for kids who faced some kind of life-threatening illness. who are able to up and go, as well. >> his passion helps him get through whatever they're facing. >> reporter: there's so much bravery in the living rooms. the mothers and fathers and the kids show resourcefulness. >> thank you for bringing it to us. "my wish" continues on us. "my wish" continues on "sportscenter"
8:39 am
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you know and love her dad, dr. mehmet oz, from "the dr. oz show." her mom, lisa, is pretty cool, too. daphne oz is following in her father's footsteps with her updated version of the best-seller. "the dormroom diet" hits stores now. how were you able to avoid the
8:42 am
freshman 15? >> i thought of college as the beginning of my adult life. and i wanted to make it a conscious choice that have this be a time when i established my health. i lost ten pounds before i got to school. and i lost another 20 when i was at college. forget about the freshman 15 business. i lost it. >> it can be done. you know, daphne. they don't have mom and dad watching over them. it's a different way of life. >> college is a unique environment. you are responsible for yourself entirely for the first time. and you have a ton of colleges. believe me. but i think you can harness that as an opportunity for positive change, too. maybe some good options here today. >> challenges and temptations. you're going to help us with that. your dad is all about planning. give us the typical breakfast. what would be good? >> great. this is your preplanned menu. you go low-fat yogurt with granola. put it in pouchs. easy to grab on the run.
8:43 am
no excuse for no time for breakfast. >> absolutely. >> and here's my favorite. nuttier putter. it's almond, and pea us in with flaxseed. >> for lunch, you say that's where we're going to add some flavor. >> yes. one thing i want to point out. i feel like people go for the wraps because they look flat and thin. they're condensed carbohydrates. probably more than two slices of whole wheat bred. if you go for a sandwich, go for whole grain bred here. >> the whole wheat bread. this fly is enjoying us all morning long. for din center. >> for dinner, you want to stay on the light side. go for a nice salad. and a grilled piece of chicken breast. some cheese. people make a mistake of going
8:44 am
for blue cheese dressing. make your own dressing. mustard, vinegar, oil, and soy sauce. it's perfect on the go. >> and don't drown the salad. >> don't drown the salad. >> when you're studying and everything, you want to munch. >> i know. >> what do you have? >> this lasted me every four year of college. you have soy crisps. a great source of protein. a little bowl of chocolate chips. everyone has the chocolate craving. this is a great way to do it. and a better way to do it is chocolate-covered strawberries. you melt them and you get the fiber and the nutrient of a strawberry. >> you're living proof. we can't assume that you're going to have the freshman 15. put a little thought to it? >> exactly. preplanning. >> that's it. daphne, continued success. you can read an excerpt from daphne oz's book on our website.
8:45 am
you can also find recipes that college kids can make at school. these are really easy. >> available on campus. >> and also, some tips because parents are sending care packages. what should you put in the care packages? it's all at classical music star, david garrett. have you seen him? >> i haven't. >> he's next. he's wonderful. >> thank you so much. @ú@ú@ú@úggatatao
8:46 am
8:47 am
. . . who say said rock and classical music don't go together? i need to get that bow out of my face. >> i was looking over there. >> this is david garrett. he was the classical artist of last year. now, he's back. he has a new album. you meld hard rock and classic
8:48 am
music. where did the idea come from? >> it's an idea of musicians to bring classical music out there, i'll marry it with something i know. and since i love doing rock 'n' roll, it's a good fit for me. >> you mash up u2 and vivaldi. >> yes. they work well together. the vivaldi piece, which i took from "the four seasons," i have the riff from "vertigo" in my head. why don't i just combine it? >> are you trying to bring young people to classical music? classical fans to rock? a little bit of both? >> a little bit of both. anybody who comes to my shows, everybody in the concert, from 4-year-old kids to 90-year-old people. it's a wonderful, musical experience for everybody. and if you can get some younger kids into classical music, that's my dream. >> you started when you were 4. you're classically trained. well-trained.
8:49 am
>> right here in new york. juilliard school. >> what is the biggest technical challenge when you cross over to play rock? >> in the end, it's likecomposed the right spirit. same with rock 'n' roll. you have to do your own thing. >> and dress a little differently, too? >> i dress like this for classical shows, as well. sorry. >> let's hear it. >> all right. ♪ ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
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let's give another big thank you to david garrett. >> that was fantastic. thank you all for being here, including these two mississippians, right here. where are you from? >> texas. >> tomorrow, on "good morning america," the attempt to save one family $100,000. >> believe it or not. >> have a great day. advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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today the marin board of supervisors will consider throwing it's support on a moratorium on pg&e's smart meters. most opposition stems from claims they are inaccurate and lead to increases into power bills the opponents are raising
8:59 am
concerns about the amount of electromagnetic radiation transmitted by the devices. a group is planning a noon demonstration in san francisco over the issue today. >> we've got low clouds. >> it continues to fill in throughout the bay, as a result we're cool right now. sunshine in the east bay. we'll be looking at temperatures coming down, visible picture shows we've got sunshine working westward. when the fog burns back to the shoreline we will see sunshine in san mateo. san francisco, 60 there. 65 in oakland. look for 83 in livermore and look another cool day tomorrow and slight warmup on thursday and friday. >> northbound 101 in san jose still sluggish but there is new hot spot. westbound 24 at caldecott, an accident blocking a lane and caltrain delays due to signal problems, ten minute dela


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